“Palestinian-Only” Bus Lines Set Off Uproar in Israel

GAZAThousands of Palestinians from the West Bank work in Israel, and for some of them this bus is an advantage.

It’s a cheap, fast service. And most of the workers say they prefer not to be on the same bus as Israeli settlers.

The Palestinian Authority says having separate buses for Israelis and Palestinians is discrimination.

Israeli settlers have said they feel more secure and comfortable if there are no Palestinians on the bus with them.

The Israeli government says anyone can use the buses, and it will save Palestinians money.

“A controversial poll released last October found that many Israelis would like the alleged segregation to go even further. Asked what they would think if Israel hypothetically annexed the West Bank, 74 percent of Israelis said they would support separate roads for Jews and Palestinians, and 42 percent said they’d want Arabs to live in separate buildings.”                               Washington Post

Read Full Article + Video on :  http://aje.me/XLJfHk

Source : Al Jazeera

What is behind Israel’s will to dictate US Wars, Palestine bus segregation, religion breeds control?


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