Mahmoud, the Unsinkable

933Four months from the Iranian presidential election, it remains unclear who will be the candidate to succeed the charismatic Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for four years. According to the Constitution, the outgoing president who served two consecutive terms will not stand, but he could stay close to power and be back in the race at the following election in the manner of a Vladimir Putin.

In 2009, protests had rocked Tehran and Isfahan: supporters of the Liberal candidate were accusing the authorities of rigging the election results.

This movement was soon out of breath, but had left deep wounds in the youth movement. It had been shut out by a massive demonstration in support of the institutions of the Islamic Revolution. Iranians, themselves convinced by the losers? arguments, accused the institutions of having called for riot.

Youth had not read the Moussaoui program and knew not of his apology for global capitalism. The young imagined, wrongly, that he represented Liberal social morals. Regardless, they had been persuaded that they must choose between individual freedoms and the “Regime“. They suddenly abandoned national commemoration ceremonies…

Read full article : Ahmadinejad, the Unsinkable

Source :Voltaire Network


Don’t tell my mother I’m in Iran :



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