More revelations to come on “U.S Secrets”

WikileaksWikiLeaks still has some unreleased US government classified documents, but will not publish them as long as the website’s main informer, US Army Private Bradley Manning, undergoes court martial and faces a life sentence.

Julian Assange told Australia’s Fairfax Media on Tuesday that his team will not publish the sensitive data in order to protect the source connected to the US military – despite the fact that Bradley Manning admitted disclosure of classified documents to WikiLeaks project.

The WikiLeaks founder called Bradley Manning “America’s foremost political prisoner” who “faces retribution for revealing the truth,” the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

Manning leaked classified documents to WikiLeaks in early 2010. Since his arrest, Manning has spent over 1,000 days in prison. He has pleaded guilty to 10 charges and faces 20 years’ imprisonment or even a life sentence if found guilty of aiding the enemy…

Read Full article : Wikileaks has more US Secrets

Source : Russia Today


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