The Nation’s Deathbed : Canadian Sovereignty Loss

r-CANADA-FLAG-large570The Nation’s Deathbed  is a documentary about the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership), the protest that occurred in Montebello, Quebec in August of 2007 and how it all ties into the agenda for a North American Union.

This film reveals the true story of the horrific events that transpired in Montebello including the now infamous agent provocateur incident and it also explores the growing resistance movement to the NAU agenda.

This Nation’s Deathbed exposes the SPP Summit and the protests of Montebello Quebec held in summer of 2007. The film offers the best explanation to date of, of what the Security and Prosperity Partnership Agreement actually is and what it’s grave implications on Canadian Sovereignty would be once fully implemented;

From binding and unfair contracts that would give license to American corporate interests over the annexation of natural resources such as water and lumber.

  • The merger of the 3 country’s military forces and rise of a police state.
  • The transformation of the economy and its currency.
  • The dismantling of health care.
  • The further erosion of democratic proceedings, checks and balances on government and corporations.
  • The privatization of Canadian infrastructure such as highways, energy, water, and agriculture.

In short the SPP amounts to the the allowance of private corporations to rule over deciding policies that will inevitably harm the quality of life that many simply take for granted, as corporations would be unaccountable to the well being of Canadian lives, and only interested in profit.

The film tells the story of a building resistance movement; one that began outside the Montebello resort to demonstrate and expose treason as it was committed. And it follows on into the continued protests held nation wide in cities across Canada. It is a movement that has promised that it shall persist until the people’s voices are heard, when the SPP is put to a public referendum.

Featured speakers include patriotic Canadians like Wendy Forrest, Connie Fogal, Diana Nicholson, Vijay Sarma as well as guest appearances from authors such as Jerome Corsi of the Late Great USA and Linda McQuaig, author of Holding the Bullies Coat.

Produced by White Buffalo Films, Steven Davies and Dan Dicks


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